A mini road trip and a wedding. .


This past weekend we attended a wedding. It’s one of Williams oldest and dearest friend who was getting married So the wedding was about a two hour drive outside of the city we live in. Saturday morning we were up bathed showered and dressed appropriapertly by 6am.  Now on that note, William is not a person who likes dressing up in a suit and all. We’ll be outdid himself, the pants may have been tight, but he looked very handsome if I may say so.

William grabbed the keys as we headed out and asked me to drive. Now we did not go in my car but his. It’s very rare that I drive his car.20140713-063334-23614009.jpg

I usally don’t enjoy driving but Saturday I was so excited. The open road and off we were. We reached the sleepy town that is close to were William grew up in very good time. Grabbed a coffee and the looks we got were priceless. Two men in suits, having a coffee. However we were not the only ones very overdressed as other out of towners sat at the table close to us. Turns out they also attended this wedding.

When we arrived at the wedding venue, which was a farm and breathtakingly beautiful, William said to me as I got out of his very butch car in my very treasured Tom Ford suit, ” you look so Gay”.  We both had a good laugh as we had done the team well. We both have our membership and loyalties c

ards, as we are actully very proud gay men.

William as I have mentioned wears his heart very close to himself. To the outside he may be viewed as cold, so when the bride walked down towards the groom, I noticed tears streaming down his face. I was teary, but the bride did look amazing.  This is William in a nut shell, so diverse. And let me be honest it was his best friend getting married.


We planned anted on leaving late afternoon, however we only got home after 10. Was a great day. We still not planning on getting married.


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