Standing outside of the Circle


From a young age, I have also felt I was an outsider. Never part of the inner circle, the in-crowd. Being the youngsters child also did not help. However this as I see it, was to me identifying that I was gay at a young age. I was different. Try tell that to your younger self.

Fast forward to today, and I still sometimes feel outside of the circle, and it now bothers me so much less. The Neighbours all got together the other day, however we were not invited. They will greet us, wave a hello but that’s as far as it goes. We still viewed as outsiders. But what’s important is how we view ourselfs.
With my family I am the outsider, I have over the last couple of years become more estranged from them. It’s just become the nature of our relationship now. It may all be done to the fact that I stayed behind. I stayed in the city I was raised, I never followed like my brother into the family business. With my family I am outside of the circle. William is my family now. We have a life together.

Just because we don’t fit in to the in crowd, does not make us a lesser person. Lastly we must not allow others to feel outsides as only we can break the learnt habit of excluding others. Ivan

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