Let me take a selfie!


I really enjoy TheChainSmokers, let me take a selfie. And yes it’s a dumb song however it’s addictive as its has a great clubbing beat. Let me take a Selfie. This is actually rather scary as we have become the generation that lacks communication skills, and before is spelt b-e-f-o-r-e and NOT….. B4. How we have created this new language and rely so much on social media. I am apart if this too, however the selfie generation, not so sure.

Are you part of the selfie generation? William and myself have taken some selfies of note. Empire State buiilding, Sydney harbour bridge, Eiffel Tower, a couple of concerts, in bed, and some other lame places. Now I cannot post these as William has asked that I not post them.

So maybe the selfies are not so bad, however at a wedding all the guests were asked to take selfies, is this the self obsession we have that may be due to our low self esteem, or just a dumb ass idea that we all have fallen for.

let’s me take a selfie Let me Take a Selfie:


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