Stay Calm – Date a Country Man


I am a born and bred city boy. Now I am not sure if that’s good or a bad trait. Maybe we were brought up to be more of a singleville, tough nor so sure. But city people have a certain hardness, and street smartness maybe but we are not the know-it-alls. Far from it. Peter my ex, was acutely very cynical, arrogant and believed in class distinction. My older Ivan sees him in other eyes. He was and I hope still is actually a great person.

So When I decided to venture back into the dating field, I tried blind dates, dinner party set up, etc. then one fatefully Monday night after having spend a very event less weekend, I decided to try online dating. 20130502-195249.jpg

So I am setting up my on line profile, I had a stupid headers, BoyNextDoor, I am still setting up this profile (no photo has been loaded) and get a pop up message. It’s from a student who is in city but comes from a very rural small town. This is not who I want to date. I was looking for someone older than my then 23 years, who drove fast cars and and the fairytale goes on.
TheStudent comes for dinner on that Thursday, and parks his student car in my city apartment buiilding. TheStudent is a lot taller than I expected, and his build is bigger than I imagined. The one thing that I really liked was his ass. He had a very sexy one. The student just seems to have a presence about himself. He could walk into a room and would just liven up the greyest of rooms.
20130525-193422.jpg In my way I thought maybe we could be friends, as I honestly before meeting him though about dating was not an option. Fast I forward 6 months, student moves in. This I think infuriating many of our friends and family. So suddenly I was not dating, but living with a younger man, the complete opposite to my blueprint. William and I actully did not date, we went into a very serious relationship, very quickly. He stated staying with me more than half of the week.

And now fast forward 10 plus years. We still living together outside of the city, and William may be a Country Boy, but he is so much more. He is smart, has manners, a very high work ethic I still think he has one sexy ass. Ivan 20130827-195800.jpg

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