So what’s it all about relationships and living in sin!!

So you meet someone, excellent. You bonk your brains away, and then what? 20140102-195800.jpg

You move in together because that what you do, you have Sex-On-Demand, no more trolling the clubs scenes, the bars, the Internet wrong on all, the way I see it.

When william and I decided to move in, it’s was because I was tired of driving to the other end of the city. Well not the other end, I was also thinking why are we living in two places. We were not “dating”, we were in a much too serious relationship. We actully went from dating to let’s change I facebook status in a very short matter of time. This was Williams doing. He liked me, really liked me, and was on older soul. Don’t missunderstand, he was a party boy of note, but he never had friends his same age. He also found being Gay rather traumatic. Not in the I don’t like myself way, but the whole dating scene, parties and the gay boys. Now before you all send me hate messages, William did not like the very GAY boys, he also did not belive that the streotype of gay men was correctly depicted. The media, the way we as gay people are sometimes perceived as being. I do actully agree on this, I was more of a party person and enjoyed going to a good old gay bar or club. I am a very shy person.

Back to my point, so for logistically reasons we moved in. I had my own apartment, a job and it just made sense. The reality was not that. I battled to adapt to someone living in my space 24/7, listening to other music. Watching other programmes on TV. So it’s not always lets just move in. The persons friends and family, your own family and friends. It’s actually a hurricane of change. So worth it in.
For me the adaption phase was difficult, but we made the most if it. William had his own bathroom as this was incredibly important to him and still is. He can lay in a bath for up to an hour and it’s a whole ritual for him.
We also had very heated arguments, about stupid shit, we also found it very difficult to sleep in the same bed. Now get your minds out of the sleazy pit, I sleep in one spot usually, William likes to sleep in boxers or no boxers, I need a duvet to comer me in the warmest summer, it’s complicated. However that’s the part of living together that amazing, it’s gets you to find out who you are, sort out the stuff that’s important and leave the rest that’s totally meaningless. Is it important that the dish washer is packed to German specifications. And lastly it’s amazing having that person in your life that makes it matter. Ivan

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