Don’t let’s the past, poison the present

Don’t forget


Re post. I woke up like every other day, but something was different. I did not know WHAT was different. I tried to shack off this feeling, then I remembered. I was signing off some paperwork at the office, and only then when I wrote the date, 11/9/2013, did I understand why I was sad.


12 years back, I was single, my entire family had left the city were I was raised. I was alone, young, naive, arrogant but I was Ivan then, as I am Ivan now. I recall watching the tragedy unfold as the second aircraft flew into the building. We presumed it was a replay of the first impact. Confusing, panic, helpless, fear, anger, are the words that come to mind when I think back to how we all may have felt.

In an instance the world changed for us all. Let us never forget about all…

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