Just hanging around


I was busy putting away my newly washed and ironed shirt, got me thinking. I complicate my life, shirts must be in the order light to dark, hangers all in the order, and what is it with me always having to have more than I need? Can I live simply? Don’t get me wrong, I am eternally grateful for my life. Without sounding “cute”, I am incredibly fortunate, and I never imagined my life to be this way. I am with an incredibly remarkable person who I actually never planned on dating, but here we are 10 years on. William gets me, he knows me, and he is the one person who does not allow me to hover about the ground. He keeps me very grounded, sane and I strive to be a better person. Plus William does have a cute butt.


So shirts and not just shirts, the way I see it, I need to balance the scales and decide what is really important for me. And these shirts do not define me. I define myself. My closet may represent order, they also hold me back as I need to learn to let go of trivial obsessions and focus on living free. Ivan

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