It’s good to let it all out.

So I am not saying what you may be thinking. I am referring to speaking your mind, telling the world how you feel. Tell the truth, and as you see it, and think it.


I am not saying we must moan and be all over dramatic about life. No I am saying don’t keep it all bottles up, vent it. You should feel a damn lot better.
My vent and build up to me letting it all out was about my family. Short version, I believe I am huge disappointment in their eyes. I have distanced myself and my life from them all. Why must I always be visited them, I have to many questions and no answers. Stop with the guilt, I have moved on.

Now I need to decide what is important, and what is not.

What defines me is not my religion, not my name, not my sexuality, money, my car, my career, my partner, and neither does my family define me. I do.



So I do let it all out..

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