Hope as seen from a puppies eyes.


Growing up we always had dogs, and those dogs were usually puppies that we as a family had rescued. I found comfort with them, I often as a child would walk with our dogs. I was a loner and was very sheltered being the the youngest child. At a very young age I got a puppy, that puppy was cross German shepard, golden retriever with a hint of Husky. She was named Delta, but D stuck. The hope this little bundle of fur has was simply, love and a home. D would do everything with me, those eyes were sad when I left for school term. The joy when D and I has the house to myself when as 16 my entire family went away on a holiday. We were four dogs, as my brother left his two for me to look after. Not sure what I was more excited about, being alone in that house or being able to allow the pack to run riot inside.

D passed away just as I finished my studies, I remember sitting in her basket for hours just so she could lean on me or sleep on my legs. Her hope as a puppy was fully fulfilled, she was loved and had a home. When I visited my parents house I always expected D to just walk in, or be asleep in front of the fire. She was not going to make one last entrance. I still miss that dog. To me a home must always have animals. A couple of years back the house I grew up, was sold as my parents moved. I mourned the memories of that dog more.

When William and I first met, I already had one furry friend, my first cat. So when we moved out of the city, I presumed we would get a puppy. Turns out my hope was trapped in some puppy eyes. William being William and sometimes the logical part of my thoughts, decided that as much as we enough space for a dog or two, it was not kind to have a puppy who was alone and only saw us weekends and in the evening. D was always surrounded by people and we walked her daily.


When I come home, a part of me is expecting the wet nose of an excited dog to greet me. I can still hope. This all started when I drove past a house on the way to our home, and saw two puppies playing in the garden. Maybe the children of that house have two D to comfort them and help them destroy that garden too.

On another subject, to all the bloggers out in webworld, thank you for the kind message on my blog posting The Sadness I am to be honest still feeling very down, and that’s not a wish for self praise or pity. It’s just my reality and something I must deal with. I have so much to be grateful for, and I focus on the positives of life and don’t OVERTHINK or over analysis too much. I keep the hope. Ivan


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