As time stands still. My obsession.


I have a problem, I collect watches. It’s an obsession I have with watches, ever since I was young I was fascinated with watches. So over the years I have a collection. Some I have no more, my favorite swatch was lost one night when I partied too much.
Let me go back two night. William could not find the keys for the safe, as he needed our passport. We found the keys, and on open the safe I was overcome with emotions on seeing my watch collections. Now it’s not as if I have not seen my round face friends for a couple of years. My past was hauling me and my memories into a very dark place.
Watches, timepieces whatever you call them they are still just chunks of metal. Not to me two nights back. Many of these watches have been given to me as gifts or just given to me. So suddenly my past was haunting me.

My brother has given me three watches over the last couple of years. One that he was given by my aunt, but knew that I would appreciate it more as it’s a classic. Other family have also contributed to my collection. A group of my friends got me a watch with an inscription on the back, when I graduated. My ex-boyfriend got me a – Pierre Arpels

And when I held this amazing watch I was haunted, I was overcome with sadness, grief, I was mourning. I looked at the watch my brother gave me just before they moved to another city. I was not seeing just a watch I was holding my past. I still have the box for that watch, and inside is the note signed by my brother. I texted him and he immediately called me wanting to know if I was okay. Honestly I do miss that my brother lives far away. William bought me a watch about two years after we met, I wear this watch every day. It’s not as shiny when I first got, however it’s familiar and maybe my need to hold on to the past is less each day.

my prior rant about watches

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