The why I see motives for money..


This is my opinion and maybe you agree, you don’t have to. Yesterday some arrogant ass of a person, made a very stupid dumb ass statement. This was said at the office complex I work in. We have two building that have a common area that joins the two buiilding, were all the people meet for lunch, meetings etc. it’s all non office space. So in front of the staff of the company I work for and the other people who work for different businesses within these two buiilding, he basically tells all and sundry that he gets paid a poor sad monthly paycheck. And we must have pity on him.

WTF….. You still are able to drive a more than decent very flash NEW sports car, you are always well dressed, I believe that your children attend an expensive school. YOU HAVE MORE THAN OTHERS.

Now I am not being condescending, judgmental, just the way I see it. If you are so driven by money, leave. You don’t respect this huge corporations that looks after it’s staff. You insult your paycheck, you have informed all that will listen to you, that your are the only reason that this company is still in business. All your colleagues are brain dread, and incompetent. I don’t suffer fools Mr superstar.

My questions are, how has this corporate survived for nearly well over a decade without you. Why after all the years are you not a Director, or at least on mid-lever management? Just asking!

My family starting a business, and this venture has seen more than three generations work incredible hard. My brother now runs this corporate, that’s what he was groomed to do. That is what he dreamed of doing, a win win situation. I was raised with the etiquette that hard work was an expectation. You must earn your respect from others, it’s not your birthright. I was born with a name that is associated due to our family business activities, to me that has in some way held me back but given me freedom. Mr smart ass, go work someone else, and when you have learnt simply manners, respect for others who are disadvantaged, then maybe you will be listened to.

But that just how I see things… Ivan

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