Gay Men and Monogamy


Is it possible for two gay men to be in a long-term relationship and remain monogamous?

I think it is. What I believe is that many gay men after being a relationship for a period of time, open up their relationship. : Monogamy it is not. Why do many gay men find it so difficult to maintain monogamy?
Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not standing on a box in Hyde Park, preaching. I ain’t doing that, I am simply asking the question.

On my blog I may post some colorful pictures, I do like a nice butt, I have watched some porn. I am no angel. But this is not a representation of my relationship as being open. I am actually a very shy guy, very loyal and old fashion.

Now the reason why I am discussion/ranting on, is that I watched a documentary yesterday about drug use and gay men. Maybe this represents a small percentage of the gay community, however the way I saw it was that gay people are perceived as party circuit people, who use recreational drugs and have lots of anonymous sex.

Pleasure isn’t necessarily in direct relationship to sex, but the attainment of pleasure is closely related. In regard to romance, pleasure comes in many forms. Whether it’s the thrill of the flirt, the pride in the new boyfriend or the excitement of sharing a life together, it is all based on the value of a relationship being measured by pleasure.

How do others see me, and am I projected a stereotype of gay men.
Peter my ex boyfriend, had sex with others during our relationship, and maybe because of that hurt it caused me, I have strived to make this relationship with William, work on all levels, and when we got together would be honest and faithful. And we have been together 11plus years..

But that’s just how I see it. Ivan

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