The way I see it… Literally.


We define see the world differently, and I am not talking about the visual sight necessarily. Why do we think that our way is always the ” right way”, why do we try to all be the same. We are not clones and we do have difference of opion, the way we see and understand things.

William and I definitely see things differently. Very differently. Our interpretation is also so different. I prefer to have the grocery cupboard full and tend to buy in multiplies. 4 dish washing packets, 12 packs of instant noodles, etc. William may only get 1 packet of cat pellets. And that’s fine.

The simply answer is that he does things very differently to me. And I am now comfortable with that. William has shown me how to change certain of my behavior that I can. Like procrastinating, I tend to leave things until tomorrow, next week. Now I am more task driven and know that it’s better to do what I need to do now, and without delaying it. However we still have very different views on certain matters. However we both have the same principles and believes on many subjects.

Maybe that’s why we both never wanted to have children. Our actions would be so opposite on having children. Just a thought.


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