The way I see it…hope


I have read a lot about the ” it gets better” campaign, that is aimed at LGBT teens mostly. I believe this is an amazing project, the main message is that each day should be better than the next. That is a hard pill to take if you are being physically abused, bullied or even mentally tainted by others. With age you do get wiser, and maybe some grey hairs as well.

For me the way I see life, is hope. Hope for a better day, hope allows you to still maintain a willingness to do better, become a better person, hope allows you to love, and to be loved. If we stop hoping for each other we may as well just stop altogether. Hope. If I look at myself, I channelled my energy into many things because of hope. I wanted a different result or outcome. This I did not always get.

Our one cat Bella, could have been named HOPE. She was a 4 week old abandon kitten, when we got her. William did not want to be a hero for saving her, I did not want a medal for given her life. We had hope and that was all we had. Hope that she would live one more day, eat some food, drink some water. That simply, yet that’s the reality. Today she is fat, incredibly energetic, and unlike any other cat I have know, is so unique. That was all we hoped for.

In the hours of sitting with her as she arrived into our lives, we could only take in the present. We did not know the outcome, but we had faith, hope love.

In some magical way life does get better for most parts. Living in the now and living in your own reality is for me is the only way. Those dark days that still haunt me, are my reality, but they are THE PAST, not my present.


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