To build or not…..


So I have a weakness for looking at properties, maybe it’s due to my love of calling a place home. I grew up in the same house, and over the years this house saw expansion. It will still and shall still remain my childhood home. It’s no more our family home. That traditional Sunday lunch is now held at my eldest brothers home.

So after William and I returned from our holiday in December, I presumed life to go back to the norm. How wrong was I.

Last year we looked at purchasing another place, but this did not plan out. So I was content and realize that things work out the way they should. One morning in early February I get this insane idea that if we extended our current home, we could get that extra living space. A week later, the plans have been completed and submitted for building permits.

It’s now all done. Was worth the sacrifice of clearing most of the house for the extension. Midway into this venture, William decided that we needed to redo the bathrooms and get some more cupboards. In hindsight he made the right call. William loves his bath, and now he has this extra length tub just for his own indulgence. I can say it fits two adults, pretty well. And that’s all I am saying.!!!


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