Of weddings.


In the last two months, William and myself have been to two weddings. You may think so what the deal here! Well William does not do a suit and dress up for formal occasions. So when we were on holiday over the holidays last year, we walked into a department store to get some socks. What we walked out with was not just socks. William saw a great shirt and this lead to a him buying a suit. Williams work is very informal, imagine an office setting were jeans are the norm and productivity is based on performance not a 9 to 5 regiment. So why would you then have a suit in your closet.

The first wedding we went to was a long way from home. Australia. In total 5 flights.


When I booked this, I booked business class. Well worth the extra cost. I am not a fan of flying but we had a great trip. It was short, but after the wedding we did get to enjoy the land down under. The wedding was very different, as it was out of the the main city. I must say that William and myself did feel overdressed.

A month back we were invited to a wedding of a friend of mine. He had a small wedding so I was very taken aback when I got the invite. In total there was about 60 guests. It was one of the most stylish, beautiful wedding I have been to. The food could have come from MasterChef, the venue was refined classical, no bling, no over the top wedding-mania. It was perfect. As it was a morning wedding I wore a waistcoat and a dark blue jacket. This time William had his suit with no tie and to be honest only he can carry that look.

My absence from the blog, has been one of laziness, and also we have just finished the building extensions of our home.


And just because I can




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