Of holidays .. They way I see it.


My absence from the blog has been one of laziness. Happy holidays all.

So holidays are meant for doing exciting things, different things and being with your loved ones. William and I went away and had a great holiday, plenty of us time and were completely out of our comfort zone. We discovered new cities, new places, and the best was that we enjoyed being just on our own. Away from all the day-to-day mundane routine, this seem to kick start a new frame of mind, and we had a very eventful holiday.

Now they way I see holidays, is without adding additional pressure like family gatherings, awkward socials, shopping for those gifts, spending money, and not focusing on ourselves. Going away is incredibly selfish, however I strongly endorse this. Family and friends are important, however holidays are stressful when you have to try to satisfy and please lots of other people.

William deserves a medal or some form of award, he tolerated me, copes with my fear of flying, and just accepts me for who I am.
So no New Years resolutions, I just think that we should each day try to be a better person.


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