Grow a pair.

This last week, I really was angry with some stupid comment and assumption that one of the senior managers made. She presumed that as I was GAY, I was single and playing the field. If I offend anybody that not my intent. What is it that because we are gay men, we cannot sustain long relationship. The assumption is that we also cannot keep our pants on. When I explain that we had been together 11 years she blatantly said, you still play around. No I don’t. If William has he has never ever told me. We actually have a very honest relationship. When I mentioned this discussion to William, he got every angry.usually he is very calm. What pissed William off was that, all we are seen as are randy men who basically work, play, no sleep, work, play and have lifetime membership cards to the orgy clubs.

So maybe to some this could be the perception of gay men. Reality it ain’t so.

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