“It’s not my story for you to tell, But it’s my story to tell”


We so often speak on behalf of people, without knowing that we do this.

This is my path, my life so it’s my story to tell, not yours. I may not tell the truth, I can also choice to tell the naked truth. Naked not in person, but stripping away the judgements, not saying what people WANT to hear. I am telling my story as honestly as it is. So why do we judge others, expect certain “expectations” from each other. Failure is the F word. My failure in someone else eyes may be my victory.

Let’s try to listen, without interruption, without judgement.

Maybe if we listen we can learn and understand other better. If I have a failed marriage, a business that went bankrupt, an addiction problem, or anything else that society, religion , etc deems a failure, at least I have lived.

On the opposite side of this, if I have achieved success, wealth, happiness, why do people think it’s okay that they have the right to tell my story. Are we living our lives in the shadows of others, and believe It makes us more popular to others to tell someone else story. No it does not.

Don’t steal my identity, my DNA. Lastly please don’t make decisions for me, presuming it is what I want, or what you think I am expected to do.

Let’s listen, judge less and tell your story, that’s why I blog. Ivan

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