Brand buying


So we all buy certain brands of clothes, food, cars, electrical products etc.


Do we believe it makes us better people, more influential, or more acceptable to society. Yes I am a brand person to a degree, I am an Apple guy. I purchase certain brands of electrical equipment, and food items. However if they were not available what would I do? I have choices, and I really do not want to be branded a brand buying slave. We cannot all afford the high end brands, the middle brands, the lower end brands. So why do we have to have a brand on our underwear, do we self consciously believe we are buying better.

Now the way I see it, I like certain brands, but am I a slave to them that I will empty my bank account, my shares, investments, saving so that I own a branded product. No. I have learnt to not be an emotional shopper, but a smart shopper. This does not make me a scrounge. I want quality and my life cannot be dictated to by being obsessed by brands.


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