What defines you?


A great saying, A real man makes decisions and lives with the consequences.

So of late, I have been reading some very interesting blogs.

Got me thinking, what defines me, what defines Ivan the person.

I have been given a foundation and made my own principles that I try to live by. Did my upbringing define me?

The answer is yes and no. My family did the best they could, they believed the choices and options I was given were for the best. Did it define me, well it sure had a huge impact on me. Both good and not so good. I was in a very structured home, routine was what I knew. That I think is good for a child, as they know what to expect. I also was raised in a more privileged home. I was exposed to travel, culture, social interactions, and at an early age, business. My family was very ambitious. Not overachievers. So I learnt valves and gained from that initial foundation.

I was taught that you have to work for everything, however been the youngest son, I have to admit I was spoiled. My mother taught me one of the most important lessons I have ever learnt. Share, and help others. To this day I have this inner trait of always looking out for others. Sometimes this is at my own detriment.

Being a gay man, DOES NOT DEFINE ME. it’s just a part of who I am. Having a very well know family name, does not define me. Material possessions, do not define me. Money definitely does not define anybody. So what does?

My integrity, my values, my actions, that may define me.

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