That’s special bond

Over the years I have watched the Osbourne’s, from the reality show, showing the rawness of a total dysfunction family. Forever being in the media 24/7, and how we looked on as they both documented their life’s for us to judge and be critics. However I admire Kelly and Jack Osbourne for overcoming addictions and becoming adults who actually are role models today. Yes role models.

They share a special bond, of respect and it’s genuine. Now that’s how I see it, you don’t have to agree. As so many public figures, famous people behavior badly, it’s about time we witness some modern role models. Jack has been sober for many years, has multiple sclerosis. Kelly has battled addictions, weight issues and both have talked very openly about this. Both Jack and Kelly are very well spoken, polite people, contrary to how they are portrayed.

They today have a healthy relationship with life. I am not idolizing them but illustrating that we all can have a great relationship with our siblings.


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