Adult relationships.


The way is see it, and that’s not always that clear, we are all in a way dysfunctional.

For me I do not like conflict at all and avoid it at all costs, not very healthy.

We can have an adult to child relationship, adult to adult relationship, parent to child etc. In some way they may be dysfunctional, to ourselves or to others. But actually it’s a one on one relationship so all that matters is how we as individuals cope.

What keeps me grounded and prevents me from going to my dark place, is my partner. It’s never always been that way. We have learned to respect each other, accept that someone else may be right, and my biggest lesson is that my way is not always the only way. My ego is dysfunctional, but that’s okay. I try to leave my ego home. That’s damn hard.

So today I had a really crappy day, but I got an honest answer when i got home. It’s was brutally honest, and I have to accept what I can whine for my 5 minutes but then must focus on the now and not allow people to upset me. It’s tough in this adult world, but one interesting journey. Ivan

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