So this weekend we never left the house at all. And that’s what we both enjoy. Certain people need to have constant interaction with others, we don’t. The way I see it, we actually like spending time together just doing what ever. So this weekend we cleaned the carpets. The last time we had the carpets done professionally, the carpets were left stained. Our carpets are an off white, in fact most of the house has lots of white or off white.


So we bought one of those carpets cleaning machine about two years back. So I did half the carpets last weekend and the rest this weekend. So today I was catching up with some office work at home. Expecting a quiet day, until William started cursing the cats in our lounge. The cats are not suppose to go there, they usually sleep in the TV room, or the one spare bedroom. Not today, both cats had been outside and made a run for the white couches in the lounge. When I walked in, Bella was lying on the couch soaking wet. Turns out she fell in the outside fish pond.

Luckily the two couches have slip covers. So guess what we did today.

William is usually very patience with the cats, and will always ensure they have food and are brushed regularly. The more he shouted, the lower they both went into a type of leopard crawl. That just broke my heart, as they were aware of the mistake, or was it just cats being cats.

No harm done, and we now we see the YouTube moment in this.

As much as we love our cats, we can not control them to be robots. That’s very much how I see people, why must we apologies for someone else’s bad behavior, offensive language, actions actually anything they do. I expect the same, don’t apologies for me. I am who I am. If I offend anybody, I must be responsible for my actions and the consequences. But if I make a choose, then you have no right to question that choice. Live and let live, as long as we firstly respect those around us.


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