Of pajamas and legal agreements

We have been called names, plenty of names however the best is boring and that we lack a personality. Both William and myself are very much driven by routine and our actions are very much the same when we we get home. Open the house, close the shutters, the curtains run the bath etc etc. William unlike me prefers bathing than the shower. And at night we both will have a bath after we get home. I shower in the morning and William may shower or bath depending if he has hit the snooze button and has time in the morning.

To us it our way if life, to others it’s boring, beige, routine, mundane. However it’s our life so your comments don’t count. This leads me to one of my favorite moments of the day, putting on pajamas, it’s cotton or flannel depending on the weather. To me it’s liberating after a bath to be “frumpy” at home.


Today William send me a text message asking if I could get him some pajamas pants as I pass the one clothing store on the way home. Got me thinking is routine good, and I would not change anything. I like being the gay beige man.

On the web, I read an article about Jane Lynch pending divorcee divorce settlement
Lara Embry is reportedly demanding a huge monthly payment. Do we need pre-nup agreements or not? With gay marriage been in news of late, what about wills, estates, pre-nuptial agreements, insurance beneficiaries. It’s reality that any relationship may or may not last, so think with your brain and not your penis and make sure your affairs are in order,

Now the way I see it, you cannot be a relationship for the long haul and still have not consolidated your assets, monies, investments. William and myself share a home, expenses, a bed so surely we should trust each other and work as a team. I am not saying that we joined at the hip, but need to be equals in this. Irrespective of monetary worth, we treat each other as partners, in the law and in our personal life. So lets see how the Jane Lynch divorce develops. It’s anyway just hyped media coverage.

When we did our partnership agreement and will, a couple of years back, we had to disclose our financials. At that stage I still had two other properties, I had acquired them before William and I met, I never thought this was an issue. According to legal interpretation, William could not have a claim on these if we separated. However in reality, William did not care, but I did. The scales were not equal. Plus I could not expect William to contribute to the upkeep of these properties. So for me I sold them both. I uncluttered my life. Not everybody will agree but I decided that for me I had to dispose of the past for the present. Lastly some things are private, lets keep them that way.


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