When you wrong you wrong.


When you wrong you are wrong. No hiding, no sugar coating it.

This week has been not the best, work has suddenly taken a bad turn. We in the process of restructuring operations, and have encountered resistance with a capital R. We will keep our current staff and employ more staffers were needed. However the week is over so work stays at work and home is home.

William is busy with studies for a masters degree. So his study routine starts at 4am until 7am, then he leaves for work at 8. At night he tries to stay away from studies. This week I have to admit that I was not the most supportive person, and behaved badly. BADLY.

I got consumer in my own selfish needs. William is usually very patience with me, however on Thursday he rightly crapped on me. I was wrong, an all levels. I did not have to think about this, I knew I was wrong all because I was not getting what I wanted, I peed off a couple of people.

When I got home on Friday, William had a “present” for me. He has purchased a punching bag stand for me.


It’s an amazing piece of equipment. Very mobile, but not that easy to move. It’s so I can get rid of my build up anger. And direct my frustrations at something else.
I was very impressed with Williams kick boxing abilities, unfortunately I am short legged so at least William has a good laugh at my expense when I tried that.


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