Balancing the scale.


I posted about our quest to change our eating habits And so it begins.

We have both stuck to our plan and have allowed ourselves to cheat over weekends. This past weekend was good to get out of town. However maybe the getting up early and the stress of traveling, ( I am not a fan of flying), we did not eat properly the weekend. So Sunday night William raided the kitchen and made streamed vegetables and a cheese topping. Great meal and to be honest, I miss not not have healthy food. My energy levels and sleeping patterns are definitely effected when I eat badly.

Monday I get home, and I find William in the bathroom cursing. He was weighing himself and yes he has lost some weight, however the reason for his cursing was not the scale but the cat. Our youngest cat likes to attach your feet. Was comical seeing William trying to keep both feet on the scale with Bella biting his feet.

The way I see it, trying to balance the scale is more about changing your outlook on life. William is a person who does things to the extreme, I am more conservative but have a bad side. So in this midst of William ass expanding and my waist growing, we trying to find balance.


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