Follow up on yesterday post. It’s not my name.

So yesterday I vented about my experience of the day It’s not my name
So today William gets a call from the same clinic, they asking if he will settle the account. He went on line and checked that my claim HAD not been lodged with our medical insurance. He enquired why the claim was not submitted, the admin manger at the clinic, says that my claim is not covered, as I am not on medical insurance according to the clinics records. Now we have been going to this clinic, being treated by the same doctors for 15 years myself, and William about 8 years.

Luckily the health insurance client relationship department took this up directly with clinic after William phoned them. I have been the legally recognized dependent for just over 3 years.

The short of this is that William stopped at the clinic on his way home after the medical insurance company emailed a members confirmation. William is a very calm easygoing person, however if he gets upset, it’s not pleasant. He went to see the medical superintendent who is the head doctor, and head of the clinic. Not only did I pay for the blood test directly yesterday, but now they are refusing to submit the balance of the account to our insurance. They want the account settled immediately. So according to William he refused to pay as why in the past three years has my treatment been no problem. He accused the head of the clinic of blatant homophobic hatred behavior, and questioned the medical ethics.

But before he went to the clinic he phoned my sister in law who is a lawyer, she in turn informed my elder brother. My brother is ultra protective of me and William, and has advices William that legal action must be commenced against them and for once William agreed and welcomed my brothers help and advice. Now my brother is well,know due to him working in the family business and holding the position of CEO, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, he is super intelligent.

and I thought I was a drama guy. My brother has been to gay bars and boys only night at clubs with me. He is so not gay, but my biggest supporter and you don’t mess with his brother and partner,

It’s not about the money, but the principals and that we ALL deserve TO BE TREATED EQUALLY.
Those who can speak for the downtrodden, and have a voice for those to scared to speak. Thanks D. And according to William, D has been so supportive and kind and loving.

Make me believe again. Ivan

Lastly William actions speak volumes , I am someone who is so much more than his dependent, ,I am his most important person..

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