It’s not my name.

I have a infamous, well know surname. It’s not part of the new famous names like Hilton, Spielberg, Spelling. It’s a well know family name like the Vanderbilt family. Mine is of Europeans descent mainly and still a well know name. Not a show business, or a name make famous by scandal. Okay my family name did have some scandal, as is synonymous with people in the public eye who were leaders in commerce.

So William has never been comfortable with me being a ¥£€%#$&@, I did nearly change my name to that of my mothers maiden name. I did not.

So my point is that I am a dependent on Williams health insurance. This we did a couple of years back. Now William has a double barrel surname of Germany origin. So today I went to see our doctor as I needed to get my annual tests done. Cholesterol, sugar, etc and obviously HIV. our doctor operates from a clinic very close to us. It’s a very fancy building with only doctors that have a clinic, catering to all. Pediatrics., surgeons, specialists etc all under one roof. My medical file is not separate but in Williams file as I am the dependent. This lead to confusion as I am Ivan XYS, but my medical insurance is in Williams name. I was asked but is William not a man. Yes he sure is. So after sorting that out at the reception area, doctors nurse can to call me from the waiting room. She called surname first, that obviously being Williams surname, then Ivan, I did not react at first.

So I did the consult and I have a nasal infection. Our doctor use to also be my Neighbour. He is super sexy and very pro gay as his brother is also gay so i feel very comfortable chatting to him. So what is now standard for some medical insurances is a disclaimer you have to complete for HIV and STD test. James, the doctor, asked me all the questions. When he asked if I had over the past 6 months had any sexual relationships besides William, and I say no. He then asked if during the course of our relationship (11 years) had we had multiply sexual partners, in other words an open relationship. He was surprised when I said NO, why is the perception still that us gay boys/men bed hop like horny devils.

When I went to have my blood test, in other words blood taken from the nurses station again confusion.


Now the nurses station was very full with people and children waiting for X-rays, stitches etc. the head nurse saw my file and promptly asked for my medical insurance card. Again I was asked why the difference in surname. I am listed as a dependent with my full name and surname. The insurance is in William name and I am listed as a dependent. Nothing complicated. So to a packed audition she promptly gave me a lecture about giving false information. Do I have the date right it’s August 2013. Not 1813. Same sex couple are recognized in our country, and so is same sex marriage. She had an issue about names, both being mens names on on the card.

Head nurse or whatever she is, announces that a man cannot be a dependent of another mans medical insurance. I took out my drivers license and asked her to please check my name against the medical insurance, and then the inner bitch in me got the better of my mouth. Yes I played my famous surname and said please don’t view your homophobic views in public, and that I will pay for the tests, I am good for it, I do have a building named after myself.

On the drive home, I thought about this. I am a gay man, but do not make an issue about my sexuality. So WTF, must we wear pink triangles as did the men in the Nazi concentration camps.

Educated people, professional people still so misinformed. Maybe I must take Williams last name!!

My faith in people gets less each day.

Ivan (surname omitted) so that I don’t confuse any more people today.

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