So it begins.

So when we were were single, we both weighed less. However before you think I am advocating singleville, we both did not eat as healthy as we do now. Not sure how that works. So why have we both packed on the pounds. Last year I changed my eating habits and dropped 2 pants sizes. I lost in total about 20lb / 9kg. However I have picked up some weight the last couple months. On my belly. Now I am not that guy with the 6 pack, or ironing board stomach. I am short legged so a pound or two looks a lot for me.

20130827-195800.jpg A couple of months back I posted about William also putting on some extra weight. The jeans says it all. So he also has developed a slight, and I say slight belly too. Plus his ass is bigger, but he is tall so he carries it better than me.

William had a complete physical at the begging of the month, and all good. Since he gave up drinking his health has improved dramatically. He was a heavy drinker, actually a very active alcoholic. He has been sober now for nearly 6 years. But when he stopped drinking he was in very poor health. However his doctor did say that if he continued drinking he would probably have not made his 40th birthday. So this last physical was all good, except for his weight.

Now we are gay men, but we are not the gym boys who have perfect bodies. We do exercise but not enough. So we have bought some gym equipment for the house, and William and myself have decided to change our eating habits. No more sweets/candy, and more fruit. We both love vegetables, but we also like ice cream. So moderation is the key.

The only challenge we face is our coffee. We are both in agreement that that’s one thing we ain’t giving up.

So lets hope the our love handles shrink and our energy leveled increase.


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