Role swopping

So we are NOT into that kind of “role playing”, or any kind of swopping, swinging or what ever you would like to call it.

However William really enjoys doing the laundry.

We have a great little laundry room, that is in the studio, so we don’t hear the machines in the house. However this morning William was not feeling great. So he went back to sleep this morning. So I did the laundry. Now to me there is something about the smell of cleaned clothes, sheets and towels. Maybe it’s the association that the weekend is over and it’s the start of a new week, or maybe it’s the smell of clean. Can clean have a smell?

So I also did some vacuuming and general tidy up the house. Was a great day.


William is still not 100%, but feeling better than this morning. Not sure what it is as he has a discomfort in his side. Hopefully he will get this seen to this week.
Now my question is do we “actually” take on roles when we cohabit together? For us we do. William likes looking after the pool and the jacuzzi, but I enjoy cleaning out the jacuzzi. We have taken on the responsibilities associated with certain tasks. But we both can do the laundry, cook, vacuum however do we take on a specific role of housekeepers. But certain tasks are done better than one person.

This does not make us any less of a man, or one more superior to the other. These roles or taking on of certain chores just happened. They way I see it, we take on certain roles when needed, the role of a manager at work, the role of the son at a family gathering. The role of a parent. However it does not take away from our essence of who we are.


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