Letter to my younger self


I have been thinking about doing this post for awhile now.

So what would I have told a younger Ivan.

Well I think I would have said find yourself, and don’t give in to bullies or society. Be who you are meant to be. It’s A okay to be gay. Yes I battled with accepting that fact. Being gay does not define you.

So here is what I think I would have said, and what could have helped me to become the real Ivan sooner.

It’s okay to be who you are.
Nothing wrong with being ambitious.
Don’t loose your ability to always care for others and look after others.
Listen to your instinct, it’s seldom wrong.
There is nothing wrong with being alone.
Say no.
Your an individual, and don’t be influenced by others.
Speak out and believe in what you say.
Don’t try to buy people with money.
Respect money.
When looking for a partner, don’t focus on the exterior appearance.
It’s okay to love another man.
You don’t need your friends and family to give you affirmation.
Stand on your own two feet.
Your are not unique, you are who you are meant to be.
Never give up, but know when you MUST admire defeat.
It’s okay to fail, and to not be perfect.
Enjoy getting older, you get wiser and more content.

Love yourself before you can love someone else.

And lastly love can be lust, but lust is not love. Love is having someone witness your life and you witness’s there life.


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