Mini road trip part 2.

So the follow up on the road trip, we surprised ourselves this morning. We left home at 4:30 this morning. William handed me the keys to the rental car. Now the first thing I noticed, there was no central gear lever. ( is that the right terminology). The gears are on the side, very different.

20130817-220627.jpg I am not a fan of white interiors but was impressed with the display, the lights and the music system. We took along our trusted iPod. I was nervous driving out this morning, William had driven the car home last night. However as soon as we hit the open road, I was in my element. This little baby is very fast. And compact, the way I like cars. William did not want to drive so I really got a good feel for the car. Now William is well over 6 feet, but he moved the seat back and was very content being the passenger.

We arrived at his Moms place just before 9. William and I promptly made a very welcoming cup of coffee. We headed to the shops, to get some stuff Williams mom wanted. We had a busy day, we replaced the front door lock, varnished the garage doors. Hang some curtains and just did some things around the house. Williams mom lives alone so she was really grateful that we could do the odd jobs around her home.

Over lunch William asked me so what did I think about the car? He knows me too well. I love this car. It’s small and that’s what I am used to, last car was an Audi TT, before we got the Audi Q3. He just smiled and showed me his phone, with a text from the dealership confirming the order. Yes on arriving at his Moms place he phoned the dealership and placed an order. White but with a darker interior.

William drove back and he is a very good driver, but I did notice that even he was pushing that speedometer

We home safe, exhausted and ready for a lazy Sunday.

20130817-222509.jpg pardon the photo shop, but I have hidden the license plates.

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