Mini road trip


Tomorrow we are going on a mini road trip. We off to visit Williams Mom. She lives a good 4 hours away, so we will be leaving at about 5 in the morning. We seldom stay over, so will be returning on the same day. So it’s just not a road trip, it’s a test drive as well. William has taken a fancy to my new car we got a couple of months back. from TT to Q3 He really enjoys this car, and that’s a huge statement, William is not a car fanatic.
So I happen to mention I liked the new A-Class Benz. So the deal is that William would like to take the New Audi we got and I get the new A-Class. He hired one for the weekend, so I can test drive this. William only comment after he picked it up was that he is too tall for this car, and he felt like an old man. William believes that only old people drive Benz’s.



Will give you the low down on the road trip on my next post.

Maybe William is telling me I am getting old. Ivan


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