The way I see it. Now it’s crystal clear.

We have been a busy household of late. William decided to wash our curtains. Our lounge and dinning room have fifteen curtains alone. So the last two weekends we have done the lounge area, our TV room and two of the four bedrooms. We still have the remaining two bedrooms, the study and our hallway and the walkway between the lounge and the bedrooms to do. This house has lots of windows.

Now William is over 6 feet so it’s easy for him to take the curtains down, I battle as I have to use the ladder. Now the smell in the house is amazing, it smells cleans. Actually it’s fabric softener. The last time we did all the curtains we did them at the dry cleaners. Now William believed that we could use our new washer. He found the right cycle and all I can say, it worked.

When we did the bedroom curtains, I took it as an opportunity to move some of the furniture out. We had a tall boy set of draws and a side board which is actually used for the TV. Now we moved this all out and we put in a floating shelf for the TV. End effect great.


Our bedroom now is very minimalism , however the TV looked odd. So we bought a slightly bigger one that fits perfectly onto the top shelf. The appleTV is on the second shelf, and that’s all. We have hidden the cables and it’s given the room a whole new look.



How I love just being at home. Ivan

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