Saturdays are suppose to be lazy days, sleep in and just general zone out from reality. I am back to not sleeping, last night I took a sleeping pill and managed to push William that he nearly landed on the floor. I also woke up just after 3 this morning. I got up and did … More Unwind

It’s not my name.

I have a infamous, well know surname. It’s not part of the new famous names like Hilton, Spielberg, Spelling. It’s a well know family name like the Vanderbilt family. Mine is of Europeans descent mainly and still a well know name. Not a show business, or a name make famous by scandal. Okay my family … More It’s not my name.

So it begins.

So when we were were single, we both weighed less. However before you think I am advocating singleville, we both did not eat as healthy as we do now. Not sure how that works. So why have we both packed on the pounds. Last year I changed my eating habits and dropped 2 pants sizes. … More So it begins.

Role swopping

So we are NOT into that kind of “role playing”, or any kind of swopping, swinging or what ever you would like to call it. However William really enjoys doing the laundry. We have a great little laundry room, that is in the studio, so we don’t hear the machines in the house. However this … More Role swopping