The way I see air travel.


So this past weekend, I took the first flight (very early in the am), to go visit my family. William could not make it and to be honest, did not want to go. So I left in the dark after setting my alarm for 3:45, William just surfaced as I was leaving. Parked my car and headed for my flight. Now what is it with people, that they must carry huge bags as hand luggage. Block the aisles, and stand up in the designated seating area while you try to board. It was not a pleasant flight. It was only three and half hours, but I must have been with all the first time travelers. They kept on standing up trying to get bags out from the overhead storage. Standing up and looking at all the fellow passengers. Plus why would you want to start drinking alcohol at 6:30 in the morning. Not that the bar service was open, but that did not stop the group of macho men in two rows ahead of men asking for beers and harassing the flight staff.

I landed and luckily only had my one rucksack, so I did not need to collect luggage. Off to the car hire and collected my wheels. Nice car and it was mid sized. Not auto but a great drive. My parents live just over an hour and half way from the airport. So off I ventured. Had a busy weekend, of shopping, cooking and generally just making sure all was okay. My folks are retired and live in a beautiful sea side village. They have an amazing house, they built it and it has most mod cons, however it’s only downfall is keeping it clean and maintained. They could have opted for a smaller place in retrospect. So I usually do a handy man stint, and check to see that all is okay. This time I discovered that central vacuum cleaner was clogged. I also had to reset all the sensors as they had been overseas for three months. Note to all. Make sure you understand the instructions before you install light sensors, music activators, and motorized blinds ands shutters. And ensure that your auto garage motors have backup batteries.

I was meant to return today, but I had to return earlier for a meeting at work. So William changed my ticket for late Sunday evening and upgraded me to business. Had a very bumpy flight home, but was able to nap for about an hour. Got home after midnight, so today I have not been the most productive person. William decided to surprise me with a dinner reservation today at a great new place overlooking the beach, was totally a Good day. Ivan


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