Cats win.


I have been busy at work with a new business plan budgets and a new acquisition we are seriously considering. So my time at the office has been consuming my time. On Monday William got a call from the real estate agent who we dealt with when we made an offer on the apartment we wanted to buy. Turns out the sellers have reconsiders our original offer. William set up an appointment for Tuesday late afternoon. I could not make it so he went solo. We agreed to resubmit our original offer.

William met up with the agent and the owners. They agreed on our original offer, but before we resubmitted William wanted the terms and conditions, restrictions, residential rules regulations of the building, or what ever you may call this, for this building. Turns out that when our lawyer reviewed them, we are it allowed pets. The current owners have a small dog. We have two cats, so we presumed animals are allowed. The apartment takes up the entire top floor, so our children (the cats), would not interact with the other owners/residents of the building.

William flatly refused to do the offer to purchase. So last night when I got home, William was fast asleep in the TV room with our eldest cat fast asleep on his chest. I stood and just looked at the two of the asleep, and my eyes swelled up with tears. Here was William all 6 feet plus, asleep but as always he is the gentle giant. William is so gentle with our eldest cat who is nearly 14, and does not admit it easily, cannot image life without these two cats.

The moment however did not last long, as Bella our youngest seeing me crawl out from beside William as she had also snuggled on the couch with him. William woke up but just those split seconds of seeing them all asleep on the couch, will remain with me as one of those ah ha moments. So as much as we wanted to move to this apartment, I realized that sometimes life has a sense of humor. The answer was right in front of us. We are home.

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