Partying, oh how I miss you.


Now before you all call me “old”, I was thinking of those wild night when we went clubbing. Before I met William, I enjoyed clubbing and had some excellent evening. I recall flying to London, to go clubbing for a weekend.

I enjoyed dancing and just soaking up the energy. Being single, going to a club was tricky. We would go on mass, and have code words and signs if we needed to escape from being hit on.
Leaving the parties in the early hours was the norm.

Now when I met William we did go to some gay clubs, however William is not the clubbing boy. Firstly the crowds, and secondly William would usually drink too much, and this would lead to me wanting to party the whole night in a very drunken state. We did have some great evening, and getting home when the sun was up just made you feel alive, wild and irresponsible.

The last time William and I went out to a gay club, was about 6, 7 years back. It was a complete disaster. We decided last minute, and headed to a new gay club that had just opened. We had a couple of drinks and danced with all the other boys. William went to the bar to grab us some beers, and I was being grabbed by some over sexed very drunk guy. He then proceeded to grab William crotch when he returned with our beers. The evening ended with me having beer spilled all over me, and William having to get Mr. Hands to back off. On us leaving, some muscle guy propositioned William, and it ain’t an invite for coffee.

So as much as I enjoy dancing, I think I will dance the night away in the comfort of our home. Plus as William is now sober, what’s the point.

William has just finished lying in the jacuzzi, now we off to have a swim. Lazy Sundays. Ivan

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