Family, money, pity party.


Williams sister has to move from we’re she is currently staying. She is feeling very sorry for herself, and is very negative about life. Due to this she is lashing out at her family, saying that they don’t understand and are not helping her. Now she is older than William and myself, but as far as maturity goes, well lets not judge.

William had flatly refuses to help her out financially, I don’t have an opinion on this as they have history. She is very bitter towards us as we have the home, a good relationship, both of us have well paying jobs. A part of me wants to help, but then I have to respect William relationship with his sister. So we had a discussion, and decided to pay the deposit and first month rental.

Since William gave up drinking, his relationship with his family has been strained. I think they do not want to accept that he is an alcoholic. Sad but we move on together. Ivan

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