Interesting day


So I had to work Saturday. It’s due to me having a staffer off ill, and I had to catch up and prepare some work reports. William is very understanding and decided to clean up our cupboards. Now we don’t have a fancy walk in closet area, but we are both very neat and meticulously. I get a text when I was at work, you have too many shoes. Well maybe I do.

Anyway the next text was about a more pressing subject, Coffee. A couple of weeks back I blogged about the amazing Columbian coffee I got. We have run out so William wanted to know were to get it.

He then headed out in the new car as I had taken my faithful two door to work as its not been driven for nearly three weeks. Turns out the store close to us did not have stock, not hassle for William. He drove a good half an hour to there other store for this coffee. I must be honest it’s damn good coffee.

While at work the real estate agent phoned to say that out offer was not accepted. They owner want the full asking price. We had already stated that this was the first and final offer. William knew that I really liked this place but we are being unemotional and not putting in a counter offer. His words to me were, it is what it is. In other words it was not meant to be. We are going to stay were we are, I realized that we have an amazing home and I am very fortunate that I have a very supportive partner who puts up with me. And drives all over just to get us coffee.


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