The ink is still drying.

So I blogged about a property I saw on the net itchy feet and dreams, so after discussing this, I left the subject. William then thought about this and maybe he just wanted to show some interest, he agreed that we go have a look.

Yesterday we had our appointment. Both of us had not seen the property, but had looked at the real estates advert online. We’re we wrong. Not only did we not comprehend the size of this place, but the view, the entire place was breathtaking. William was sold on the two en suite bathrooms in the main bedrooms. Yes a him and hims bathroom. Both separate, and both have huge windows making this extra special. For the terrace you can see the ocean. The terrace hugs around the apartment and all rooms have access to this terrace. The place is nearly one and half times, our current home in size. However you are not overwhelmed, as the use of space is very clever. Wide passages and a very creative layout, means you can occupy the place and not feel lost.

William walked around and kept looking at me, trying to use eye contact to tell me something was not working. Eventually when the agent took a call, he asked “do you see us living here”?

We have made an offer.
Will keep you posted. Ivan

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