The arrogance of certain men.


I have encounter the one guy at work who is totally into himself. He is a gym boy, flexes his muscles and thinks he is the answer to all the women at office. We have a high percentage of women against the male work number. He is rude, arrogant, a total A hole. He never greats people and just thinks his looks will get him far. Well he is not bad looking but not an Adonis. Message that I want to say to you, in the workforce it’s about your ability to do your designated function you are employed to do.
This is what I have concluded, they way I see it. He is young and no offense to younger people but you don’t have all the answers. You. Are it a Mr Know it all, none of us have all the answers.

The are a group of men who think they are God’s gift to women and they are playing with the ratio that works in their favor. You asked where the blame rests. Well, blame is too strong a word. Let’s use the word “reason”. There are 3 possible reasons.

1. Upbringing: Of course environment plays a part in how a person behaves. But frankly, some mothers do the best they can and still raise idiots because their idiot friends have a stronger influence.

2. Women Who Put Up With Them: This is one of the biggest reasons. I don’t know if women knew this, but if women STOPPED dealing with idiots, men would figure out how NOT to be an idiot in order to have a woman. It always baffled me why women would date thugs and bad boys and yet complain about it being no good men. Then you got songs where women talk about how they need a “soldier” and “thug”. They should trying chorusing about a man who can read, loves God and treats women right. Men change to what women like. Put your stilleto’d foot down!

3. Self: No matter if he was raised right or not, or have a woman who puts up with his crap, he is ultimately responsible for himself. Regardless of the traceable origin of our behavior we are still responsible for what we do.

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