Itchy feet and dreams.


The way I see it, it’s no dress rehearsal this is today live in the moment.

As much as I love our home, I occasional look at properties in the area on my iPad. Yesterday I happened to see a property that caught my eye. It’s closer to we’re I work and also closer to Williams office. It’s not in the city but the leafy suburbs. It’s not a house but an apartment, to be more specific the penthouse, it occupies the entire top floor. Has state of the art security and lots of features. It’s a three bed, four bath. The main has two bathrooms as his and hers or a him and hims, in our case. This sealed my interest. You see William does not like to share a bathroom. In prior posts I have written about how Mr. W, loves his bath, and his bathroom is his haven away from all.

But back to what I was posting, this place has a plunge pool, and all rooms can access the terrace. The only problem is the price, and our cats may not adjust to living in the sky. The view I think is great, I drove past the place today.

Am I just bored or wanting a new home, we were in an apartment before and swore never to move back to an apartment but this place is special. So is the price..

Oh well let me dream. Ivan

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