Expanding waist, and the benefits of living with a guy.


So over the years we have both picked up some weight. Last year I decide to give up one of my favorite comfort foods, potato crisps. I was very good and William was very supportive. The end result with better eating habits and also with no alcohol. I lost 8kg. I am maintaining my weight, however William has picked up a couple of kg. now he is tall and due to his build you don’t really notice it. However this weekend he put on a pair of underpants that did not fit. It looked so funny, however on checking they were actually a pair of mine.

Now we do not share underwear, but we have one sock draw. It got me thinking, the benefits of living with a man. We can use the same deodorant, shaving cream. Share shampoo, face products, I can use his t-shirts to sleep in. We share a home, and we share a sock draw, we also share our aftershave, cologne, travel with one suitcase when we go away. We actually share a lot more than I initially thought of. We share one bank account, we benefit from living together in many ways, however in sharing I realized that it was not always that way. We both fought hard in the beginning to keep our own independence, however all we actually wanted was to remain an individual, unique people who are not defined by each other. So we may share lots and there are benefits in that, however we don’t share one personality and one mind. We remain who we actually are. They way I see it, don’t forgo your own individuality, your own personally, but don’t be stubborn that you loose out on the change to share your life with someone. They may change waist size but the essence of a person is not the size of the waistband, but the way they smile, laugh and love.
Expand your waist, but don’t change who you are.


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