Living in the burbs..


We moved from apartment living to live in the suburbs. The commute to work is longer, the idea of sharing no walls with neighbors, and that we could have a garden was why me moved 7-8 years back. We bought a much larger house than what we planned on, it is also in the “Volvo station wagon, 2.4 children” part of the suburbs. Not that we planned this, it just happened. This past weekend one of our neighbors who we have never met, came over. He wanted to know if we were interested in selling the house. Transpires that one of his family members is looking to move into our part of the woods. This gentleman wanted to know why we needed such a big house just for the two of us. I was polite, but then had to explain we are gay and we are staying.
He was very uncomfortable, but asked if his sister and her husband could have a look at our house. What part of NO, did he not understand.

William was driving up the road when the same Neighbour stopped William, and asks him the same. William was pissed off, not by the question but by the sheer rudeness of this man. We both are not very neighborly people and keep to our own. Are we maybe just over sensitive about being the only gay couple living in our street that we know of, or are we just tired of having to explain that we are two men living together.

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