Things we don’t like talking about.


I have posted before about legal contracts, wills estates etc etc. boring boring boring.

Well it may be boring, but how secure and protected are we. William and I have a legal partnerships agreement, a civil partnership. It’s basically a marriage contract but we are NOTmarried.

So you may so, whoopee Ivan. But hear me out. The last couple of weeks we have been reassessing our financial situation. Policies, investments, properties, health benefits. Not all of my policies state that William is the beneficiary. Bad me, but then not bad me. Turns out certain insurance companies may be in the Stone Age.

So we did a consolidation of all our policies and investments and are in the process of getting all the details updated. Our legal contract is still binding, however we are facing a dilemma. Who do we leave as our beneficiaries if something happens to both of us.

William is not a materialist person, however he has ensured that should something happen to him, I will be able to be financial independent. It’s reality that we both bring in an income, and live well. We are very grateful for what we have. I have also invested a considerably amount of money last year into a fixed policy. William is the sole beneficiary. It’s not something we talk about, but we need to talk about this and get our affairs in order. It’s about the money, as this worlds axis is dollars, euros and the ever strong pound. And it revolves around money, sadly that a reality.

We have one joint bank account, one household policy that includes all the contents and the cars. I am very fortunate that William and myself are able to trust each other as far as money is concerned. And that includes debts that we may have had. Maybe we are in the position that we bought a house jointly, and so have taken on the responsibilities together. This is no dress rehearsal, so lest be grown up as well. But that’s JUST THE WAY I SEE IT!


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