Stop hitting on the Boys…

I just don’t understand why people like to flirt, hit on, make advances with gay guys. Irrespective if you in a relationship, it’s seems to be acceptable, well it is not, to hit on the gay boys. I am referring to women and men. If a women or a man wears a wedding ring, most people back off. I state AGAIN, MOST. But when it comes to gay guys, we seem to be the target of flirtatious behavior. To a point it’s friendly barter, but then the invisibility line is crossed. Just because we are gay, does not mean we don’t have a home to go to, or worse, want to go home to be with our partners.

Why do we not get the same respect, just because we are gay, does not mean that our relationships are not the same as others. We may not have children, but we have a commitment. When you want a girls night out, don’t assume that the gay boys are just going to accompany you without our partners.

When we say we are gay, don’t take it that you can bed us.

And lastly, I am very secure and trust and believe in my partner.

We may be nice eye candy, but that’s as far as it this piece of candy will allow. Just respect us.

My rant for the day.


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