My thoughts on ink…..


A couple of years back William sister got inked, yes yes got a tattoo. On her lower back. We went with her to get this done.

It got us thinking of also getting a tattoo. However we were not sure what we wanted, and then we saw the effects of the tattoo, as it was very painful and the healing of the skin. So we never addresses the subject again.

William was keen to get inked, but then he saw someone he knew who got a tattoo and he changed his mind. Turns out the tattoo grows if you put on weight and it did not look so attractive.

I have never been a person who had a need for body art, I briefly had a pierced ear. But in retrospect that was to rebel against my families wishes.

This week I had a business meeting. The women had a tattoo on her ankle and I am sure it looked great when it was done, however she is now older and your skin is less elastic as you get older. The butterfly or bird she had inked, must have looked good a couple of years back.

So they way I see it, do we get inked when we young, know it all, and lets be honest, naive about life. Naive in a good way, we are still untouched but reality. Do we regret get tingling inked, I think most people do. However we regret many thinks, some silly dare, some reckless night of alcohol induced dares. We all have done things we regret. However having a tattoo may be more visible.

My philosophy is live and let live, so I will be not getting a tattoo in the near future. I already have thinks I regret, but I have forgiven myself. I admire people who have been inked, no regrets..

And let be honest some people just look good having ink…..




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