Behind The Candelabra


So the joys of technology, yesterday was on my iPad and thanks to Amazon I got Behind The Candelabra on my kindle app.
I enjoy reading autobiographies. This was a good read, but like any story, I believe it’s three fold. Your side, the persons side and the truth in between.

The way I see it…. Money is very attractive and is sexy to young naive people. I cannot understand how with an age difference of nearly 40 years, that this was a healthy normal relationship. However I cannot judge, but I do believe that Scott’s account of the relationship was how HE SAW IT. I will admire that Liberace was very kind and generous. It was a great read, and actually made me sad. A young man who really had a need for love and had not had a great childhood, he was lost. However all that glitters is not gold, but when you young and naive, it’s attractive and maybe was a way out for him.

Gay guys are attracted to money, so are most people. However money is not the way to get love and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, money is great but you must not make it own of your gods you idolize.

Great read and looking forward to seeing the movie. Ivan

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